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It truly pains me and it is with a heavy heart that I need to inform you that after much deliberation by our walkers it was determined that Woofs ’n Whiskers will no longer be offering dog walking or pet sitting services.

With the advancements in technology and the robust competition, it simply is no longer a viable operation. We have all witnessed the commercialization of dog walking over the years. It has been our deep loyalty to our walkers and our hearty desire to be a one-stop shop to our clients, that has delayed us discontinuing the service.  

Despite the unbelievable dedication of our walkers to your furry companions, the impediments around communication, scheduling and insuring Woofs-level care makes this service no longer possible. Our walkers are highly valued and can not be replaced. After fifteen, eleven and six years it is a difficult parting. Time has caught up with all of us. Walking dogs 365 days a year and in all kinds of weather is a long journey. Sadly, they have decided to close this chapter. We wish all of them the best of luck in whatever chapter comes next for each of them.


It is after due diligence that I have found Geoff and Abby at Brownstone Dog Walkers (and Cat Sitters!). This engaged couple remind me of me and Arturo back in the day. They have been in operation for seven years and run a very clean, hands-on pet sitting business. They offer cat sitting and dog walking. Their price structure and operation is very similar to ours. Abby will be available to take over most of our clients, personally. They are fully bonded and insured with lots of animal and on-the-street experience. I feel quite comfortable with recommending them.

For those with specialized needs I recommend: Latanya at Spoil-A-Pet and for Red Hookers that want to keep it local, Carol West of Other People's Pets.



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