Meet Danielle & Arturo

It all started with a leash and a new pair of sneakers back in 1998. I had an illustrious, decade-long career in the service industry, when I made the move to the corporate world. It quickly became apparent that I was not cut out to be sitting behind a desk. I traded in corporate do-do for doggie do-do and have never looked back. 

This was in the day when dog walking wasn’t the job du jour nor a fallback thing one did until a “real” job came along. It was a calling. 

Four Paws Dog Walking quickly grew and Arturo jumped in to help juggle the strong demand for dog walking and pet sitting services. Arturo ended up having a real gift for communicating with the dogs. This was followed by what I like to refer to as my own “corporate takeover.” I brought some of the newbie dog walkers under the Four Paws umbrella, making sure that everyone was trained, bonded and insured.

In 2004, Woofs 'n Whiskers was one of a handful of daycare/boarding centers in Brooklyn. The previous owners reached out to us about handing over the reins. We jumped at the opportunity to lay down deeper roots and to care for our charges in a way we just couldn't do working out of our home with our growing family.  

It is closing in on twenty years and we continue to push for continuing education and setting standards of care in this industry. In the day of real corporate buyouts of small businesses, we stand strong. This is due to Woofs 'n Whiskers reputation for a real commitment to open communication regarding health, happiness and safety, and celebrating all members of our community. 


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